Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Not Very Nice Technician

One of Miles' favorite things is when some type of worker comes to the house.  He loves to follow the Servall guy around when he comes to spray the house for bugs.  The other day we had to have someone come fix our internet.  Darrin sent me a text at work saying that Miles was waiting for him to get there.  He rode his 4-wheeler out to where he was working...

Unfortunately, the guy wasn't very nice & Darrin had to tell Miles to come in the house and leave him alone.  Miles was not happy about that at all.  He decided to make him a sign & asked Darrin how to spell 'construction worker'.  Darrin explained that he's actually a technician.

Miles held the sign up as the guy drove away.  I guess he didn't notice that the guy wasn't nice & didn't appreciate his inquisitive mind.

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