Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

My guys started celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday.  Darrin was gone last week on a golf trip.  On his way home, he starting sucking up posted some pics of Miles & me on Facebook.  The pics were so fun to look back on.  He's thoughtful like that.  The post was as appreciated as my gifts were.

They got me roses, cards, and a gift certificate.  I had to laugh at the singing card that Miles picked out.  Part of it says "You're almost always in a good mood"...that seems kind of false lately, but I'll take it!  They were very good to me.

Sunday we went to church...who is this grown kid next to me & when did this happen???

....and then celebrated Mother's Day with Darrin's mom & sister.  We grilled hamburgers & hot dogs, and just hung out.  Darrin's parents always spoil me with a lemon ice box pie from the Hearth for Mother's Day.  It was delish! We had that & a few other sweets for dessert.  The kids had a blast playing together.

After everyone left, Darrin & Miles went to the driving range & I had a few minutes of peace & quiet.  It was a fun day, but of course we missed having my mom here.  Happy Mother's Day to our moms.  We love you both very much!  Thanks to Darrin & Miles for making my day special.  There's nothing I enjoy more than being a wife & mother.

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