Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Pictures

I have always wanted to have family pictures taken in the snow.  I was never really sure how to make that happen.  It has to be such a spur of the moment thing since it doesn't snow much here.  And when it does, everything shuts down b/c we can't drive in that mess.  Imagine Darrin's delight....b/c he's such a fan of having family pictures taken...when I sent the following screen shot to him via text & said "If I can make this happen, you are going to have to humor me."  

He was at a volleyball tournament in Paducah and expected to be home around 2 or 3pm.  His response was "ok yeah".  I could tell he was thrilled!  We scheduled it for 3:30pm at her house.  Unfortunately all the snow melted where she planned to take the pics.  We still had enough snow at our house, so she came over to give it a try.  I'm so glad she did b/c the pictures turned out to be everything I wanted.  They took less than 30 minutes, and they were all taken in our yard and just across the street.  You wouldn't have known it by Darrin's mood, but it really was painless.

I didn't have time to obsess about our outfits, which was kind of nice.  At least you can't tell in the b/w pics that we don't really coordinate.

This felt extremely cheesy, but I thought it turned out kind of cute.  The trees are just so pretty.

Miles has on a navy jacket and black boots.  This is the kind of thing that never would have happened if I had time to prepare.  As it turns out, I don't think you can tell.  I'd like to think I learned something here, but I doubt it.  My OCD will kick in again next time.

Love this....and his sweet eyelashes...

This might be my favorite picture, ever...

I kind of like this one too...

This setting is just amazing.  Our hands were frozen after this...

I am so, so happy that we did this.  Now, I'm ready for spring.

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