Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So...I've been up since 3am...b/c who knows why.  Darrin has been out of town since Friday.  I have slept fine while he's been gone, but maybe enough is enough, and I'm just ready for him to be home.  After I woke up, I was a little freaked out.  I'm not scared to stay by myself, but my mind wanders illogically at 3am.

I also did a class at the gym yesterday that really exhausted me.  Working out is great for Lyme disease, but there's a limit.  For me, I don't usually know the limit until after I've crossed it and the damage is done.  It sounds like a whiny excuse, but you really can do too much & then you pay for it.  I was uncomfortable during the night and today I'm just plain sore. 

Or maybe it was b/c I had this little wiggle worm next to me...

He sleeps with me when Darrin is out of town.  He fidgeted more than usual last night.  I turned the fan on high and that seems to settle him a little.  He's so hot natured, especially when he's sleeping.

So, from 3-4am, I perused Facebook & Pinterest.  The problem with this is that once you've "caught up", no one is adding new posts or pins at this time of the night.  I did see a few new pins from a friend that is a new mom :)  From 4-4:15am, I tried to go back to sleep.  No luck.  Finally, at 4:15am I decided to get up and take a bath.  I usually take showers in the morning, but since I had the time, I decided to just take a bath, b/c I love, love, love taking baths.  After my bath, I dried my hair and crawled back into bed for 45 minutes before I had to get up and really get ready.  I made the mistake of looking at Facebook again and got all fired up about a post that a local TV station posted about new legislation for spanking children.  The legislation didn't really bother me, especially since it will never pass, it was all the ridiculous comments that people were leaving about how that's what's wrong with youth today.  As if nothing else has changed in the last 20 years, regarding children & society. Don't get me going again...

I started getting tired late this afternoon & now I'm pretty much done.  After reading this snoozefest of a post, I bet your tired too.  I'm questioning in my head if I should actually publish this.  Thankfully, Darrin is almost home & Miles will be back to his own bed tonight.  I'm hoping for lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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