Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday started off with our last of four home games in a row.  We lost a heart breaker in five sets to Tennessee Tech. 

I paid a babysitter again and that worked out well especially since it was another long game.

Miles went home with his Granny & Pa after the game and spent the weekend with them.  It was Homecoming at UTM so Darrin & I went out with some volleyball alumni and their families.  It was a good time even though the loss put a slight damper on the night for Darrin. 

Saturday morning we were up & at it early to get ready for tailgating with the team & alums at noon.  We rarely get to go to football games b/c Darrin usually always has a game on Saturday, so it was a fun day.  Unfortunately it poured rain at half time and we ended up leaving.We were completely drenched by the time we got to the car.

We hung out at home for a little while and then had to go back to the game to clean up our tailgating spot.  After all that was finished, we went to see Gravity.  Definitely not my kind of movie but Darrin liked it. When we got home, we ended up watching 3-4 episodes of Scandal on Netflix and didn't go to sleep until around 2am.  I haven't seen 2am, unless I'm fighting insomnia, in a long time.  It was a fun night and reminded me of the good ole days before we got old and started going to sleep at 9ish.

This morning, we picked Miles up from Darrin's parent's house and went to church.  After church, we raced home for our usual Sunday afternoon football marathon.  Darrin cooked chili and surprised me with a delicious strawberry cake from the lady that made our wedding cake.  It did not disappoint.

Here they are singing happy birthday to me.  The picture quality was bad, but I still liked the picture.

Miles picked out two pumpkins at the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  All day he asked if we could "jack o lantern" them. Darrin obliged during half time of one of the games.

This is how Miles contributed...

It was a really great weekend.  There's no other way I would have rather spent my birthday.  Oh, and it's our 12th anniversary!  Even though it sounds like an after thought, it most definitely is not.  We are so thankful to have had 12 years together and look forward to many, many more. 

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