Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bottomless Pit

I feel certain I've used that title before because it so accurately describes Miles. I cannot fill this kid up. 

Friday night, we went to Darrin's game at Murray. We ate dinner before we left home and I took some applesauce and grapes to the game. He ate the applesauce and grapes before the first set was over and then proceeded to whine profusely. He's a little like his dad and when they are hungry, nothing.else.matters. 

There wasn't a concession stand or vending machine. Uh oh. I finally walked in front of where the parents were sitting and begged for food. They dug around in their purses and came up with an apple cider donut, some goldfish, and a granola bar. I don't even know the lady that came through with the goldfish. I told them that they'll know next time to bring food for my kid. {enter sarcasism}

He ate a happy meal on the way home and when I tucked him in at home, he said, "we forgot my snack". The next morning he ate 2 eggs, 6 pieces of bacon, and yogurt for breakfast.  He's a great eater and he eats a lot but it's still never enough. 

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