Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

It's actually not the end of my weekend thanks to Labor Day but I thought I'd go ahead and blog about some weekend highlights.

Stephanie spent the night with us on Thursday night. Miles was so excited about her staying with us.  He wore the pjs she got him for his birthday and made sure to tell her that he liked them.  He wasn't so excited when he found out that she was leaving the next day.  On our way home from daycare on Friday afternoon he said, "let's go home and see if Stephanie disappeared."

I worked with Miles on Friday afternoon to hold his fork correctly.  During dinner I told him what a good job he was doing.  He said, "I can do it b/c you taught me and you are a great momma for teaching everything."  Sweet kid.

Darrin's team played in a tournament at Bradley University in Illinios.  He left Thursday morning and didn't get home until 5am this morning.  I watched the games online while trying to pacify Miles with anything and everything.

We went 2-1 for the weekend and won the tournament!!!  Great opening weekend.

The best part about Darrin being gone is that Miles sleeps with me.  This is a standing rule when Darrin travels that helps him sleep better, and secretly it helps me sleep better too.

We aren't Cowboy fans, but we are football fans and he looks adorable in his jersey.  When Darrin goes to Texas to recruit, he stays with his cousin.  She had the jersey waiting for Darrin on one of his trips.  So thoughtful.  Miles wore his Romo jersey all day Saturday.  We went into Hibbetts and one of the guys working there called him little Romo.  As we walked out Miles said, and I quote, "No one ever calls me big Romo and I feel bad about that.  I feel grumpy.  I want people to call me big Romo b/c I'm a big boy now."  His three point stance needs some work...

We also worked on Legos this weekend.  We did half of the firetruck yesterday...

...and then woke up bright and early to work on it some 6am....

Off to eat breakfast for dinner and then relax the rest of the night.  So excited about one more day off!

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