Monday, September 9, 2013

And They're Out

After months of waiting and dreading this day, Miles tonsils & adenoids are gone.  He had them removed b/c they were enlarged and obstructing his airway, not for sore throats.  Actually he's never had a sore throat.  We debated & discussed with the doctor a lot (since the beginning of the year), and finally decided to have them removed.  We waited until he was four so it would be outpatient.

He looks calm here before surgery but he was very nervous.  Waiting for the surgery to begin seemed to be the hardest part...

They only let one parent back initially and Miles wanted Darrin.  They went back and got situated.  I got back there when it was time to put on his hospital gown.  He lost it.  After much discussion, he said that the hospital gown was embarrassing.  Leaving his pants on and allowing him to play on my phone did the trick. What 4 year old thinks a hospital gown is embarrassing???  Our child.

When they wheeled him off and he screamed "Momma" at the top of his lungs, that was even harder then waiting for surgery.  It was pitiful.  I held it together by a thread.

Dr. Resser came out very quickly to tell us that he was finished and that he did fine.  He said that his tonsils were huge and that his adenoids were enlarged also.  He reassured us that it was a good move to have them taken out.  He said that we would be able to see him soon.

We waited and waited.  Then, I could hear a kid crying and I felt pretty certain that it was Miles.  It because clear that they were trying to calm him down before we went back there.  Finally the nurse came out.  I asked if that was Miles and she nodded.  She said that they like to get them calmed down before they bring the parents back but they couldn't and needed our help.  It took a LONG time, but he finally calmed down.  This was hands down the worst part of the day.  He kept screaming and the nurses were scared that he was going to start bleeding.  Stressful! He wanted his IV out, so the nurse made a deal that she would take it out if he ate a popsicle.  He did & they took the IV out.  After that, he was fine.

Around this point, he asked if his tonsils were out and then said that he had fun getting them out.  I'm pretty sure that was the pain meds talking.

He will not take his pain meds, so Tylenol & Motrin will have to suffice.  So far, he's had 8 popsicles, a milk shake from Sonic, a bowl of ice cream, an Italian Ice, potato soup, gummy worms, apple juice & chocolate milk with marshmallows.  Everyone says eating and drinking are the most important parts of recovery so I'm really hoping this continues. Thanks for all the prayers, gifts, texts & FB messages.  We have the best friends and family.  Love you all.

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