Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I really, really want to blog again, but I am struggling for anything remotely interesting to say.  With that in mind, here we go.

I went dark again with my hair yesterday.  I did this two years ago and there were only a handful of people that liked it.  I said I'd never do it again b/c it's so hard to get blonde again, but I did.  My hair was so fried and so blonde...I just needed a change. I kind of like it dark, so I'm going with it for a little while.  Everyone always asks if Darrin likes it or not.  It's hard to say.  He has a pretty good poker face if he doesn't.  And, his lock screen on his phone was a pic of me with dark hair long after I went back blonde again last time  I think he's ok with it.

It looks much different outside vs. inside...

I don't mean to brag, but this kid is kind of a Lego genius.  He did this all by himself.  I just had to correct one piece.  What about this pose??

Miles scored some more birthday money today at church and told me to surprise him by spending it at Walmart when I went grocery shopping today.  How 'bout I surprise you with a preschool workbook?  Probably not what he had in mind, but he liked it...until every page wasn't "perfect" and he kept saying he was "so frustrated" which is his new phrase for everything.  When we don't let him play in the iPad continuously, he is "so frustrated"....or when we make him take a bath or go to bed, he is "so frustrated with us".  Ok, so a preschool workbook is not all I got him.  I also got him some action figures for his Bat Cave, which he loved.

This is the smallest volleyball t-shirt that Darrin could get.  I tried to get Miles to sleep in it the other night b/c I thought he looked adorable, but he was not having it.  He said it didn't's not pjs...and he didn't have any pants on.  Things just go a certain way in his little brain and an over sized t-shirt is not appropriate for bedtime in his mind.  He came around about a week later and actually slept in it all night.  It was a wild and crazy kind of night for him.

I spent some time this weekend getting ready for a consignment sale.  A friend is trying a new sale in Martin this coming weekend.  I hope she does great & in turn I do great.  I don't have a good venue for getting rid of Miles' old clothes.  Hoping this is worth my time.  If you live in or around Martin, ask me about the sale!!!

Ok so I said upfront that I really had nothing much to say.  Hopefully you are like me, and those are the blogs that you enjoy reading the most.  Have a great week!

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