Friday, August 16, 2013

The $50 Funnel Cake

I convinced Darrin to take a two hour break from preseason and go with us to the Obion County fair last night. We'd never been before & several friends talked about how much fun it was for their kids.  I guess because their kids enjoy rides.  Miles....not so much.  After paying $30 for the three of us to get in, we could not convince him to do anything.  Everything was too fast or bumpy or went up high.  I wish I had pictures to show you these death defying rides that I speak of.  I'm not sure there's ever been a more cautious child. 

We ran into some friends and I was sure that Kohen was going to be our saving grace.  Unfortunately Kohen proved to be pretty cautious himself and the two were quite a pair.  They did work up enough nerve to go in this crazy house...

...but not without their dads...

Then alas, they threw caution to the wind and rode this thrilling ride.  They were both so happy...

It was short lived and we didn't get Miles on another ride.  I even offered to go down the slide with him and he wouldn't have it.  He loved spending more money to play the games though.  That was the best part but you can go broke on those things in a hurry.

Once he decided he wasn't doing anything else, we bought a funnel cake & some cotton candy and called it a night.  And there you have the $50 funnel cake.

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