Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'm happy to report that Miles has been having lots of good days at school with no "marks or notes".  That's what he asks every day when we pick him up, "Did I have any marks or notes?"  After months of telling him "if you don't like how someone is playing, go play somewhere else"....we finally broke down and talked to the teacher.  He has a new teacher, so it seemed like a good time to try to make some progress. 

We don't want Miles to be a tattle tale and we didn't want to complain about another child, especially when we know that ours has issues too, but it just seemed like he and one other boys were constantly at odds.  It appears that his teacher has really gotten through to him.  I think there were a lot of instances where multiple boys were getting in trouble b/c they couldn't determine who was telling the truth.  His new teacher, Ms. Debra, told Miles that she can just watch the cameras and find out who is telling the truth.  His response was, "you can watch the cameras....I didn't hit him."

We haven't had any major issues since we talked to her.  Maybe he wasn't as much to blame as we thought.  Or, maybe he knows that we are communicating with her regularly b/c many times he's included in our talks.  Whatever the case, I'm so happy that his behavior has improved.  I've noticed that his coping skills are better lately too.  There seem to be less when his neighbor friends have to go home, or when we tell him it's time to leave places like Chuck E Cheese's or his cousins' house. 

Last week at daycare, they learned about "Our Town".  The teachers frequently ask the kids questions and post their answers for the parents to see.  It's adorable.  Although, Darrin was disappointed that Miles didn't say the driving range... 

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