Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Verdict Is In

Miles was good all week at school, so he got to pick out a toy.  His choice....a "narf" gun...

It's a small price for us to pay for no marks on his chart.  Tuesday was a little questionable.  He had a mark for bad manners at lunch.  Turns out he said "Coconut poo poo" while eating.  We can live with that.  He's since been instructed that we only speak such nonsense in our own house.  He also had a mark for hitting another kid.  That kid is notorious for hitting everyone & Miles even said that he tried to go play somewhere else and the kid followed him.  I've seen it happen myself, so we opted to give him another try.  Yes, we're a little soft, but three out of four days isn't too bad. 

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