Thursday, March 21, 2013


Just a little randomness for this Thursday night.  I felt a little better today after going to bed at 6:30pm last night due to a headache.  Miles was very concerned about me feeling badly.  He kept telling Darrin that he was going to check on me.  He brought me his Teddy and told me I could keep him until I felt better.  He also said that he had just the thing to make me feel better, which was a pink blanket that my mom made for me.  I use it every time I lay on the couch.  He also brought me his toy lantern in case I needed to see something.  As you can see, he took great care of me.  After a trip to the chiropractor and a workout tonight, I feel pretty good right now. 

When I picked Miles up from school today, he ran to hide from me.  He was looking back at me and ran into the rock wall.  You could tell instantly that it hurt.  He had a nice little knot within minutes.  Mr. Chris was nice enough to send us home with an ice pack.  Miles milked it for a couple hours.  He seems to be fine now and the knot went down quickly...

Darrin put Miles in time out tonight for not listening, which is his typical offense.  When his 4 minutes were up, Darrin went back to get him and Miles had pulled his recliner to the time out spot (the front door) and was laying in it...fully reclined.  The kid is no dummy.

He has a new obsession, which is a blue penguin that he calls Tweet Tweet.  Miles won him at Sea World two years.  We've not seen much of Tweet Tweet over the last two years, but he's very popular all of the sudden.  Miles took him to school as his sleep toy for nap time.  Tonight he hooked Tweet Tweet up in the recliner and read stories to him....

Today is Day 4 of my meatless diet.  I'm starving....and the headaches have not subsided at all.  I also gave up chocolate and nuts b/c I eat a lot of both of those and they are known to cause headaches also.  I'm quite relieved that chocolate is not the culprit.  I really love chocolate.  Next week, I'm going to add these three back in and exclude four other foods that are related to headaches: bananas, eggs, oats, and garlic.  Please Lord, let it be any of these.  I can certainly deal with eliminating any of the four, or all four, for the rest of my life, if it meant no headaches.

Well, I think that is all of this somewhat pointless post.  I read a lot of blogs.  I only know 50% of the people whose blogs I read.  I tend to find their everyday lives most interesting.  Here's hoping you feel the same.  Good night!

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