Tuesday, January 21, 2020

3 Things

I only have 1 picture and 3 random things tonight. The hard drive in my computer died last week and I lost a ton of pictures that I haven't blogged about, so I don't have anything to fall back on when I don't take any pics during the day. Since my phone is old and lacks storage, it off loaded my Amazon Photos app and hasn't back up my pictures since September. I am losing in the electronics department these days. Thankfully, I have a lot of pictures on this blog and FB. 

Now for three quick things.

1) Darrin asked Carson why he (Carson) loved him (Darrin) this morning and Carson replied, "I love you all the much." His grammar and sentence structure is so funny. He talks confidently in complete sentences, but the words are usually out of order and context. It is so cute. I really need to document more of his sayings.

2) The boys played so well together tonight. It doesn't happen very often. They watched the Grinch together, chased each other around the house, and played with a ball. It lasted around three hours and then it was over.

3) Big happens around here...Carson slept in underwear last night! He's been sleeping in pull ups and waking up dry. Last night he asked if he could sleep in underwear, so we tried it and he did great. He is growing up before our eyes. I can't believe he will turn 4 in six months!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend is just now wrapping up since today was a holiday. Friday started with 'Titan Up' day at work and school.

Even though our team fell short on Sunday, it was such an exciting season for us.

Friday night, we played more Memory where Carson beat me fair and square. My brain doesn't work in the random way he throws the cards down. I tried to line them up in rows the first few times, but he's not about that.

Miles got in his fair share of electronics over the weekend. Since it was so cold outside for most of the weekend, I gave him some extra time.

We had a baseball party on Friday night. We have a couple new players so it was a good time to get together and meet the new kids and parents. We are excited about the upcoming season and spending  time with our friends. It's a rat race, but we do enjoy (most of) it. 

For now, we are still in basketball season. In all, Miles had four games this weekend. Basketball days are much shorter than baseball, which is so nice. 

Carson was up late on Friday night and that translated to a rough day on Saturday. Between games, we went for a walk. I tried to help him stretch his legs and get some fresh air. 

It wasn't enough to beat his exhaustion and that last game was rough for both of us. Thankfully basketball is quick and we were out of there fast.

I left Miles with a friend in case they had another game depending on their seeding. Carson was very unhappy the entire way home. He was hot and suddenly didn't like his shirt.

I pulled over and took off his shirt which helped for a little while.

He wanted to take a bath as soon as we got home and then he was fine. Even though he never took a nap, he was just happy to be home to play with his toys and watch TV. 

Darrin was out of town all weekend. He's on his way home now! The only fun thing about this is having the boys sleep with me....a standing rule when dad's out of town. Sometimes Carson is a good bed partner and sometimes he's not. He hasn't been good for the last three nights, so I'm ready for a great night sleep tonight. They are going back to their beds tonight!

Carson talked to Marmee on the phone this weekend. Her plans changed and she couldn't come up, so they had a chat. He's finally speaks clearly enough to carry on a good conversation over the phone. It's really cute to watch him.

On Sunday, we made it to church and then back to the gym for more basketball. I did a better job of new things to play with. Playdough in Tupperware was a big hit with several kids.

We also left the gym during the break to get something to eat and a change of scenery. The break seemed to help him.

We went to Zaxby's so we could watch some of the Titans' game. Carson got his thumb stuck in his cup. We had to take a plastic knife and push one side back to get it out. I'm amazed we dodged any cuts.

His team showed so much improvement this weekend. 

They went 2-2 for the weekend and finished in 2nd place. We were so proud of them!

I had several plans for today, but we woke up to no heat on the boys' side of the house. It was 60 degrees and freezing. I spent dealing with it. After waiting all day for an HVAC repairman to show up, I discovered late in the afternoon that the gas hot water heater and the gas stove weren't working either, which lead us to the gas line. I tried to call the gas company, but the dispatcher said they were closed today and I would have to call tomorrow. In the end, the HVAC guy was able to get the gas company to come and get everything working within minutes. The day was extremely frustrating, but it only cost us $69. I went from thinking that we needed a new unit to less than $100. I repeat, the day was beyond frustrating, especially since Darrin was gone and I had to deal with it, but it could have ended so much worse. If the HVAC guy hadn't been here to call the gas company we would have been without heat, hot water, or a stove until sometime tomorrow. I'm pouting a little that my day off was wasted, but I'll get over it. Back to work tomorrow. At least it's a four day week.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Carson's First TOTs Performance

Carson had his first TOTs performance this week. TOT stands for Teams of Tomorrow. They come to Carson's daycare once a week and practice basketball while they learn things too. I had actually decided to forgo the extra expense each month, but his teacher said that he was sad that he didn't get to go with his friends, so I signed him up the next week. I honestly didn't think he would even notice that he was missing out. On the drive to the performance, we were all asking him questions about what he was going to do. He said, "I going to dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot, shoot". When we told him that we couldn't wait to watch him, he said, "Ok, I gonna be so funny about that." :)

They have a couple performances during half time of high school basketball games at local schools. He was giddy and nervous before the show, but happy to see his friends.

Carson and Tucker are big buddies.

This is the most genuine face of nervous excitement as the performance was about to start!

Carson was front and center and I don't think he knew what to do with all those eyes on him. So, he turned and faced the back of the gym for 90% of the performance!

I'm sure he knew what to do, but he was really nervous and couldn't seem to get in sync with everyone. 

So, he basically did his own thing the entire time. 

Miles and I were sitting on the floor right in front of him so we could take pictures. Miles told him to turn around a couple of times, but he just shook his head no. I don't think we were the problem, but next time we'll keep our distance and see if that helps him.

They had to stand on a certain color dot. By the end of the performance he had scooted his dot completely out of line (his dot was the only dot that moved) and he was basically in the row behind him.

On the way there, Miles said he was so nervous for Carson that his stomach was hurting. At that point, Carson wasn't nervous at all, so there was no need to worry for him. Miles is very shy in those types of situations that he couldn't imagine how Carson wasn't nervous. He never came out and said it, but I think Miles was a little disappointed that Carson didn't perform better :)

We had such a fun time watching Carson and his friends. Sometimes I can be a scrooge about all the times that keep us so busy that is steals my joy. This was such a fun time watching Carson though. We do so much that centers around Miles, so I was happy that we were all there for Carson this time. I will be excited to watch him again and see how he learns and grows.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night, we made plans to take the boys to a local pizza place that has a little arcade. The pizza place is extremely questionable, but the boys think it's the greatest, so Darrin and I decided to take one for the team. However, when we pulled up, it was completely dark and you could tell the inside was under construction. We don't know if it's closed or being remodeled. Sadly, either way would be no surprise. 

We had to come up with plan B, which was go to Walmart and let them pick out snacks and then go home for a Nerf war. I knew the Nerf war would be a huge hit with Miles. 

We stopped at Taco Bell to eat on the way home.

It was well after 7pm when we got our food and Carson was over it. Going somewhere on a Friday night, after a long week of daycare, and then not eating until much later than usual was not a good look for Carson. He refused to look for the picture.


He perked up a little after some food.

They both loved the Nerf gun war. We stood up action figures on the Bat Cave and then took turns trying to knock them down. Carson has been obsessed with the Bat Cave ever since. Never mind all the toys he got for Christmas. This is just a hand me down from Miles.

Miles had two basketball games on Saturday. They were in the middle of the day, so Carson fell asleep on the way there. He kept saying, "I so tired." I thought he would be unruly when he woke up, but he was actually very well behaved at the games. Darrin had to leave during the middle of the first game, but he slipped out and Carson did okay with that.

Miles' team won both of their games! They did so well and actually implemented some of the things I saw them work on in practice last week.

Those are the first two games they have won all year, so they were really excited. 

This isn't his whole team, just the ones that were walking by.

I love watching him play basketball. I have never been a big basketball fan, but I secretly hope it is the sport that he loves more than any other. I enjoy watching him play and I also enjoy that the games are indoor, much shorter than baseball, and there are no weather delays or cancellations. 

I was more prepared this weekend and Carson did great. He's surprisingly easy to contain at basketball games. I think he's growing up a little too.

Having some snacks and candy on hand doesn't hurt.

Sweaty, red faced boys after two aggressive, competitive games.

Saturday night, two of Miles' friends and their moms came over to watch the Titans' game. I didn't have much hope for a win, so it was very exciting when they won. 

Darrin was out of town, so the boys ran wild and we just talked and ate snacks in our comfy clothes. It was an entertaining, but chill night.

We had a first this weekend. Miles went into Walmart, found two things that I needed, used the self check out, and paid with my debit card all by himself! He was so proud when he came out. He said that it was fun. I backed into a parking spot and watched the exit until I saw him come out. It's a little nerve racking to let go of the reins a little, but little by little we are helping him grow up and learn new things. 

Darrin got home on Sunday afternoon in time for all of us to go to small group and then come home for a riveting game of Memory that Carson got for Christmas. Carson didn't focus for the entire game, but he surprised me a few times with some deliberate matches. He shows glimpses of his mind developing and learning. In my opinion, it's often impressive for his age.

My computer died this weekend. I had the majority of my pictures and files backed up, but I also lost a lot. Thankfully, I have a lot of pictures on here and Faceook. We bought the computer three years ago and it's always been a problem. After watching some YouTube videos, I was able to determine that I had a pretty big problem on my hands. Darrin took it to a computer store today and they confirmed that it was dead and would need a new hard drive. I'm blogging on my work computer tonight, but I think the computer store will have my computer back to me as soon as tomorrow. I hated to invest any money in it, but it was still cheaper than a new computer. Hopefully, it will work even better when I get it back and I can blog on it again tomorrow night.